Take care of your thoughts

… because they become (y)our destiny.

In 2014 the austrian government called for proposals for a campaign raising awareness for “Violence against women”.

It got me thinking and researching a bit about violence. There are different kinds and of course they are not clearly distinguishable. Emotional, physical, sexual, psychological violence – they are overlapping and sometimes very obvious, sometimes very individual.

Despite that, I have always found that this famous quote (basically ‘by unknown’ as it cannot be clearly attributed to Ghandi or anyone really) has it quite right. I suppose violence starts in the mind, or rather the emotions. I dont’t believe that there are inherently bad people who like to cause pain. Most people have been victims of some kind before they became perpetrators. We all know that. And likely everyone of us, me, you, your mama and best friend, we all have been perpetrators at some point, in some little way – most likely without meaning to.

Most likely because we are hurt, frustrated, helpless, cornered, despairing – so we lash out (in our mind, with our words, or with actions). It’s a transfer of energy, energy that’s is weaponized and hurts the perpetrator as well as the ‘victim’. But at it’s origin lies a wound that still causes pain, or an old festering wound that we got so used to… or, unreflected obedience.

Whichever it is, violence starts in our mind and emotions and becomes our destiny if we do not take charge of and responsibility for our mind and actions. ‘OUR’ destiny meaning the individual and to some extent the collective destiny, as each individual influences that environment we live in, the people that are close to us, the atmosphere we pollute.

Violence is a complex thing – as is everything in life. So I will not go into more of it, just have a look at my artwork, where I illustrated that simple quote, going for a bold and simple style.

Created in illustrator and photoshop CS6.