Achte auf deine Gedanken

This was my admission for an open call of the ministry of internal affairs (BMI) Austria in 2014-ish. It was to address violence and its cost on health and society.

I rolled with the idea that violence starts in the mind. Truly, of course, it has many reasons, most of them due to lack of love and care as children to put it simply. Nevertheless, violent acts often start in the head, as a result of the way we think about and judge others, the way we put the blame on someone else instead of taking full response-ability and to see what we can learn from this situation.

Sometimes the way our mind thinks IS the violent act already. So I ran with the famous quote (that supposedly goes back to a chines proverb) that says

Watch your Thoughts, they become Words
Watch your Words, they become Actions
Watch your Actions, they become Habits
Watch your Habits, they become Character
Watch your CHARACTER!, It becomes your DESTINY

In this poster series of five I made a point to mention the different kinds of violence:
emotional, mental, physical, sexual and structural/institutional violence (the kinds vary depending on where and how you look at it, mind you).

this is a little animated gif for you: