A home within the cosmic self

You are a creator

Artists are creators, but so are you, even if you don’t identify as an artist. To BE means more than the labels we might identify with. You can be an artist, a nomad, a banker, an introvert or a housewife – it does not matter. There are many labels sticking to each of us, and none will do you full justice. Because being human, or simply BEING, is more than the sum of its parts.

Sometimes you identify with what you have, or the titles and things you own. But in the end you are unique, and an ever changing mystery. And yet, you are cake.
Despite our magical mystery, we are basically all cake – we have the same ingredients that make us a cake, yet the proportions of the individual ingredients, though all there, differ. One is not better batter than the other, simply another flavor.

What you eventually tend to forget (because it takes practice to keep that in mind) is that simply being you and the choices you make has a ripple effect. Whether you aim for that effect or not is up to you, but the impact on your surroundings DOES nevertheless happen. It’s also called the butterfly effect, for one. You might not always be aware of your impact, but once you put your attention to it, you will notice. Sometimes the effect is direct, like when you smile at your partner or shout. Other times is not so directly visible, like when you buy a hamburger, you can´t directly see how your support is influencing the meat industry and eating up resources. Or when you buy a pen and throw it away when its empty – that trash has to go somewhere. This chain of reaction is prove that the power of creation is inherent and not only a birthright, but an ingredient of the batter we are made of.

Nurture what nurtures you

Every decision in daily life, from the moment you wake up, how your greet your partner first thing with a kiss or a grunt, what you say to your kids to send them off to school, what you put in your body for physical or emotional nourishment – it has an impact. You cannot escape your power of creation, but you can choose to use it: wisely and humbly.
Know yourself, own your power and see that you are an essential, unique part of this puzzling creation. You have impact, whether you aim to or not, because everything is connected. Nurture what nurtures you.

I for example am an artist, also I care deeply about our planet and my fellow beings, human or nonhuman. I am labeling myself an introvert, a graphic designer, an austrian, a world citizen, potential alien, … etc.  To create art is one way to connect to my spirit and my soul and to use and hone that creative power, but essentially i try to know myself because daily all the little choices i make create my reality. And i have to live in that reality, cocreated by my fellow beings, and i cocreate theirs.


Can I know life’s reality
so that it’s found again
within my soul’s creative urge?
I feel that I am granted power
to make myself,
as humble part,
at home within the cosmic self.

– Rudolf Steiner


I quoted here above Rudolf Steiner because he was, among else, an artist, the founder of antroposophy, Waldorf schools and a founding influence on biodynamic agriculture. A very interesting and inspiring soul: for me creation and nature are the same thing. Art is just an aspect to help humans connect consciously to their creative power.

Knowing that every step you take creates ripples is a lot of responsibility, but it does not mean you  have to go on eggshells. Personally I simply try to do the best I can each moment, observe and understand myself and trying to unravel the nonessential layers off my Self bit by bit…
and make myself and my creative soul at home within the cosmic self.