Short and crunchy?

Born in the tyrolean alps I love nature and mountains. Looking at the bigger picture from a bird's perspective is something I aspire to do in many areas of my life.

Growing up I never gave up arts and drawing, and got a degree in communication- and graphicdesign, later on I added a certificate in media- & digital illustration and comic.

While I never quit graphicdesign and arts I got my BSc in agricultural sciences and certificates in permaculture due to my affinity for regenerative living. To understand not only Mother Nature but also our human nature I added Yoga to the mix. After all, everything is connected.

Now I have more than 15 years experience in printdesign, logo and corporate designs, adding webdesign, social media design and illustration.

What's that to you?

I am very qualified and happy to help you out creatively, and I am especially passionate about all things logo and master designs - anything where I can add playful, yet clean and attractive custom designs.

First impression is everything, so you shouldn't underestimate the impact of Logo and design on your (potential) clients - I don't. A good design relays visually the essence and idea of your service... Bad design drags down the (perceived) quaulity of your product.

I usually like to intuitively understand my clients, their service/wish and put that together with research and the best of my skills to get you your perfectly tailored design.

Private clients like my service for their various invitations and personalized gifts, as I love incorporating illustrations into my designs, whenever the occassion presents itself.


Whatever you need, if you like my style get in touch and let's talk.