Legal small print

Terms and Conditions, Entreaties and Acknowledgements

I am always the sole owner of the copyright of my work and ideas, so reproducing, selling or otherwise making pro from my work without my explicit agreement is not allowed (especially if you don´t share the profit).
Even if i probably won’t ever find out, i really appreciate you respecting my art and efforts. If you ever work self-employed especially in the arts, you will know how much i appreciate it if you respect and give credit where it is due :)

In that sense, i do appreciate if you share and promote my work, so please make sure to add my credits if you spread the work and word.

If you happen to think of a profitable (financially, ethically, morally, for the good of humankind and the earth, …) venue or collaboration please think to contact me.

Thank you for your respect and appreciation.



To cover my legal ass

regarding graphic designs, illustration, drawings, artwork in general and basically any brainchild of mine.

With buying and commissioning the terms are accepted.