Animals are spiritual beings, just as we humans are. Yet they are not encumbered with ego, mindgames and morals. They are authentic, and therefore they are one step closer to spiritworld, the otherworld, than we are. They bridge the gap between our 3D reality and the world beyond our senses. Spiritanimals offer us their wisdom, guidance and might of their own free will - ask and thou shalt receive.

We have billions of animals we keep as pets –  it seems to me that we try to get in touch with Nature in this and other artificial ways, while - or because - we experience a massive destruction of Home in the outside. And the cost for this destruction isn't only toxic, polluted and dying natural elements, but also our very own soul. As all is connected we might be able to fool ourselves, but our Soul won't be gaslighted.

You want to keep the connection to your personal Spiritanimal?

The attachment and love we feel to our pets might not seem oh so spiritual, but the fact is, they are family. They have personality, and are crucial to our wellbeing. So in a way, YES, even your pets are spiritanimals.

When you want a rendering of your beloved pet I am more than happy to put my drawing skills to good use.

Your investment

DIN A5    …     Euro 179.-
DIN A4   …     Euro 279.-
DIN A3   …     Euro 379.-




"I mainly render my animals as you would draw a human portrait, looking straight at you. This way it's easier, even unavoidable, to forge a connection. It's as if some part of the animal's spirit, is reaching through to directly connect with the viewer's soul. Eyes are the windows to the soul, and that's certainly how I experience it."
- myripa