Crouching courage

Courage You can do it. Uncurl and step into the sun. Your safe spot is always with you inside. It is brave to step into the light. And it also takes great courage to step into your shadows and feel everything that yearns to be felt. We often suppress feelings momentarily for various reasons and so they linger and lie low, drawing their blankets thight around themselves and curling up until it is time to wake up again. Continue reading…  …this article on my shopblog, connected to the drawing as seen above. There’s also a poem for you. Love, […]

Measuring life

How do we measure life? Is it in years or moments? In tears or in laughs? Do we count our life in hours of work or certifications gained in hours of loneliness or mornings cuddling in bed? Do we collect it in medals or metal or money or other cryptic currencies? Maybe we measure it in petals plucked in lovers cherished in miles walked in countries visited in hands held in money earned in houses bought and sold in purpose found and lost in human lifes saved in songs sung in pictures painted or simply in blissful moments fully […]

Core concept of life

How often do you wish you could draw or paint? Or just be more ‘creative’? And how often did you not pick up that bush, guitar or journal? What is making you believe so strongly that you just aren’t creative or artistic – what makes it so heard to even start? It might be that you have heard as a kid that you just can’t sing, or been laughed at for your attempt to draw that dragon. Maybe it wasn’t even a malicious intent but an off-hand comment that nevertheless impacted you like a bomb going off. So you […]

A home within the cosmic self

You are a creator Artists are creators, but so are you, even if you don’t identify as an artist. To BE means more than the labels we might identify with. You can be an artist, a nomad, a banker, an introvert or a housewife – it does not matter. There are many labels sticking to each of us, and none will do you full justice. Because being human, or simply BEING, is more than the sum of its parts. Sometimes you identify with what you have, or the titles and things you own. But in the end you are […]

Constant death

‘We are all in a process of constant death…. That is allowing you that you don’t have to let go, because there is nothing to hold on to.’ – Alan Watts When i start to draw my mind comes to a stop. My thoughts stop spinning, worrying and planning. Because multitasking is a myth, at least in this case. I can´t worry and draw simultaneously. The pen siphons all thoughts and emotions down and leaks them on paper, adding it’s own spin. I am empty, at peace. Maybe that’s the closest I can come to experience death while alive, […]