Hey you, it's me. What do you need?

You finally need that awesome Logo and design for your heart business? Ready to step it up? 

You need more color in your life? Then check out my popsurreal paintings 'n get some!

You're more the black'n'white kinda type? Draw nature home with these ballpoint drawings!

In terms of skills and passions, I am a designer and artist.
In terms of .. well, me.. I am a wonderer and wanderer, with a creative nature and multipassionate soul. My brain loves to connect the dots and look at everything in a holistic way.

Reach out to me if there is a creative service I can help you with, I am looking forward to connecting and collaborating with YOU!

Love, Myripa

Graphicdesign & Illustration

Logo Corporate Design Illustration Packaging Editorial Printdesign Social Media Content and similar shenanigans.

With her open ear Myriam created the space
for me to recognize the qualities that I wanted to see and feel in my logo.

I felt understood in my vision and the first designs pointed already in the right direction.
maria noisternig



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