A walk down memory lane

I am working on the website for author and philosopher Stefan Antonik-Seidler and in the course of this I found something of mine by chance. Meaning, I found some editorial illustrations I did ‘back then’ for the little satirical viennese newspaper ‘der bagger’. Unfortunately not long after I joined the team the paper shut down. No, I don’t think I am to blame… I think *hmmmm*. Anyway, jokes aside, here are the links and the more noteworthy illustrations and accompanying articles (actually my illustrations were accompanying the articles, but this page is my stage so… ;) Ausgabe Bagger #20 […]

First Graffiti at TDDT Vienna

On the last weekend of June 2017 the festival ‘Tanz durch den Tag’ (dance through the day) happened in Vienna. I happened to be one of the lucky ones to be part of ionart‘s crew. We were charged (what a hardship… NOT!) to paint murals relating to the festival’s motto ‘Aufwind’ (Upwind). Below you can see the video documenting my first time working with graffitti, recorded and cut by An Sei, a man of many talents. His first graffitti is the eagle on the corner as seen also at the end of the video. The overall idea was to […]

Unconditional Love

Dear cherished folks, My Illustration for Alice Dea‘s Article in Elephant Journal is online, along with her touching article! I love her style and authenticity – and her Self, she is a truly inspiring woman/soul/starseed/Being. The illustration will soon be available as artprint, so stay tuned. I only finished it a couple of days back and now take a weekends break doing the bare minimum. In a matter of days the illustration will be available as artprint in my shop When Alice asked me if I wanted to create the artwork for her article I was excited, as I […]

Ausstellung in Wien 27.5.17

Benefizausstellung Drei Künstlerinnen bieten mit unterschiedlichen Stilen Kunst für (fast) jeden Geschmack an. Sie wollen mit dieser Veranstaltung eine Berührungsfläche zwischen Besuchern und Down-­Syndrom anbieten. Der Verein 3×21 fördert und begleitet Kinder mit Trisomie 21. Eine Mitarbeiterin des Vereins wird vor Ort answesend sein und 25% des Verkaufserlöses gehen an den Verein, der gänzlich auf Spenden angewiesen ist. In Österreich leben etwa 9000 Menschen mit einem extra Chromosom 21, doch laut Statistiken werden etwa 9 von 10 Schwangerschaften mit derartigem Verdacht abgebrochen. Songül Erdogus, Mutter eines Wildfangs mit Downsyndrom, sowie die beiden Tanten der kleinen Sophie, Gonca Warhanek und […]

Making-of Lion

Did I ever tell you I have a youtube channel? No? Well it is pretty newborn, but I am looking forward to bringing more videos. This is a sneak peek Video for my lion drawing, a commission work that will also available as an artprint soon (on my website). Sign-up for the newsletter if you want to keep track of whats happening every 4-6 weeks. As you know I work with my favourite black ballpoint pen on paper. This Lion is DIN A3 in original size colored with watercolor. Thanks a lot and ask me if you want to […]

Urcoolele Illustration

I just finished this digital Illustration for the viennese Ukulele Duo ‘Urcoolele’. They will again perform at the Grazer Ukulele-Festival this year. Instead of a photo of the band they asked me to render them an illustration for the festival brochures and flyers. As you can see I like it colorful and a bit on the comic side ;) Fortunately they also liked it colorful, but just in case I made a grey and gold version as well, and I think it rocks too. Both look very neat. For me Ukulele brings up associations of sun, beach and the sea… […]

Hello Birds!

Hello english speaking friends! I am sorry that I am not translating the whole text from german word by word. So let me just tell you: I am back, with focus and more awesomeness – well, partly joking. But with awesomeness I am referring to my newfound and practices focus on my realistic ballpoint drawings! Never thought that focus is such an amazing thing but hell, yes. For a multi passionate polymath like me (or maybe just me) that’s some discovery! But I am actually enjoying the reduction of noise brought on by this focus situation. In any case, here is an […]

liberating limitations

Why i changed from overindulgence of tools to limiting myself to one simple one. Where is the freedom in that, and what yoga has to do with it. An introduction of sorts. Posting on fb and insta i completely forgot about this most obvious place here to keep you updated *smack* Yeah I know, I can’t believe it either. But in my defense, I think the reason is that I put very high standards on this blog. Reading into social media marketing and blablabla and how blog posts should be at least soandsomanywords long and cover captivating topics and […]

Youtube Channel activated

Hi there, I am happy to announce that I finally activated my youtube channel so I can share moving pictures with you. As I move along I will certainly get better with the technical side of things: how to record and cut the videos. As always I am happy for you constructive input and your feedback so I can improve my service to you. So here is one of the first videos I created – I recorded myself drawing a realistic lion portrait. Of course with black ballpoint and then coloring it with artist watercolor, acid free. It is […]