Regarding my data:

MYRiPA aka Myriam Parth

(backup adress

Regarding your data and privacy

I don´t know the legal mumbo jumbo words, so i will say this as i understand it:

The only data i collect from you as far as i am aware of is when you sign up for my newsletter, which is pretty obvious.
I have no clue if or where your IP addresses will be collected (and i take no responsibility for Google&Co). But i do have statistics running in the background, so i can see how many visitors i have and which pages you click. I think i signed up for Google Analytics at one point, but i am lost in the labyrinth that is google so i am not sure if, which, what or where that data is collected or feeding into. I think it feeds me info on my website visitors though?
I will keep all data or email i collect from you safe, sound and private as best i possibly can (in this day and age, seeing that i am not a programmer or hacker).

I use social share plugins for instagram, facebook, behance, etc.

In any case i will neither willingly nor freely share your data, and i will not intentionally spam you if you decide to sign up to receive my newsletter. Personally i am just like you and i don´t like to be spammed, so if you feel i am treading dangerous territory please let me know before you kick me permanently out of your inbox.

If you have any questions regarding your online privacy, please only ask me if you think i can answer them. If you find out anything that is not ‘kosher’ please let me know, as it is not my intention to do something ‘unkosher’ or ‘bad practice’.

Thank you for understanding. Warmly, Myriam