Your product is great.

Now you need a design that reflects that.

The face of your product which it shows the world, the first impression that counts. Humans are visual creatures, so the visual appearance of your service or product has a big impact. Only about 3% of our decisions are made consciously. The majority of judgements and choices is done and dealt with in our subconscious mind and our conscious mind is none the wiser. So don’t underestimate the power of your product’s looks. The colors, fonts, negative space (that is actually positive), symbols, images, slogans and the combination of all should fit your brand and be coherent throughout all your communication channels.

Experience of 17 years

When I started learning  graphic design it was the year 2000 and Adobe CS2 if I remember correctly.

See below some expamples of my work as a professional graphic designer.

  • Logo design: custom, handmade and unique
  • Corporate design: stationary to webdesign
  • Package and album design
  • Illustration: high quality and love for details
  • Webdesign: with Social Media Integration, newsletter setup, SEO integration etc.


Email me if you are in need of good graphic design and for a preliminary cost estimate.



All Logo design illustration package