Animal Portraits with black ballpoint pen

"I mainly render my animals as you would draw a human portrait, looking straight at you.
This way it's easier, even unavoidable, to forge a connection and to recognize the spirit in the 'other'.
It's as if some part of the animal's spirit is reaching through to directly connect with the your soul.
Eyes are the windows to the soul, and that's certainly how I experience it."


Your investment for your custom portrait?

DIN A5    …     Euro 179.-
DIN A4   …     Euro 279.-
DIN A3   …     Euro 379.-


How's the procedure?

You let me know which is your preferred animal. If it's one in specific you need to send me pictures, f.e. of your dog or parrot.
If it's a wild animal or fantastic animal I prefer to work freely on it, and surprise you with the result.

We will work out the specifics individually, easy-peasy.

Get in touch now and let's get you your custom ballpoint artwork!

International Shipping, shipping extra.