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A creative soul, seeker of knowledge, introvert, polymath and empath. So much for categories and labels. My chosen means of expression are visual creations and words.

She can be described with Umberto Eco’s words:

“I am interested in everything and nothing else.”


MYRiPA is the synonym for Myriam Parth, a professional illustrator, graphic designer and artist. Besides arts she always had a love for nature and it’s diverse fauna. With her agricultural science background she strifes to connect nature and creativity, using one to remind of the beauty of the other.

Born 1980 in the impressive tyrolean alps, after her natural science focused high-school she went on to study graphic and communications design. After years full-time in a full-service-ad-agency and some environmental volunteer work on the side she turned a new leaf. She obtained said BSc in agricultural sciences at the BOKU (university for applied life sciences) in Vienna she continued with two Permaculture Design Courses, one in Portugal an one in Sri Lanka. Later she added a Social Permaculture Course (Permaculture with focus on People), while doing internships in permaculture projects in beautiful Portugal.

Her work can be seen, bought and commissioned here via this website.

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myrip’s faunal ballpoint art

Nature’s diverse fauna inspires me. Especially when I see an animal that looks somewhat weird or appealing I itch to draw it. Because of obvious differences, we humans tend to focus on the strangeness between animals and us. Yet I am fascinated by what connects us as soulful beings.
Eyes are the windows to the soul and therefore hold an unparalleled fascination for me.
Details such as light reflected in the eyes, skin textures or knobby ears enthrall me. There’s a lot of magic easily overlooked because we are moving so fast or are simply used to it.
My depicted animals often look directly at the viewer. We get their full attention and it makes us take a fresh look and slow down. I aspire that my drawings bring forth the soul of nature’s creation to touch the primal part in us that is also very much nature’s creation.

Although being very versatile in technique and medium I now preferably work with black ballpoint pen on paper. The pen gives me the opportunity to work very precisely and my lines stay where they are. That of course is also a challenge in and of itself: to not being able to undo any potential mistake. So, like in life, I have to work with my mistakes and make the best of it, which teaches me a lot of acceptance.

– myripa




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