Realistic ballpoint drawings of your favorite animals and humans.
Visual art in awe and honor of nature. 

Urcoolele Illustration

I just finished this digital Illustration for the viennese Ukulele Duo 'Urcoolele'. They will again perform at the Grazer Ukulele-Festival this year. Instead of a photo of the band they asked me to render them an illustration for the festival brochures and flyers.…

Hello Birds!

Hello english speaking friends! I am sorry that I am not translating the whole text from german word by word. So let me just tell you: I am back, with focus and more awesomeness - well, partly joking. But with awesomeness I am referring…

liberating limitations

Why i changed from overindulgence of tools to limiting myself to one simple one. Where is the freedom in that, and what yoga has to do with it. An introduction of sorts. Posting on fb and insta i completely forgot about this…